Solutions for IP Address Being Listed in RBL

2015/04/02 16:26

If your IP was listed in rbl blacklist, usually, in the bounce, there will be a link for you to apply for removing your IP from the RBL list.

Suppose that, in the bounce notice, it prompts us to go to "" for applying for removing.

If your sendings are often rejected, and there is no relevant bounce notice, please go to "" to detect whether your IP was listed in the blacklist.

The application steps are as follows.

Here, we will take "" for example.

1) First, go to "", and then click the "Blocklist Removal Center" (Figure 1-1).

Blocklist Removal Center

Figure 1-1

2) In the "Enter an IP Address" edit box, enter the IP address, and then click the "Lookup" button to test whether your IP was listed in rbl blacklist (Figure 1-2)

Enter an IP Address

Figure 1-2

3) If your IP was listed in the blacklist, then there will be a corresponding prompt (Figure 1-3) which shows that your IP was listed in "PBL1537080", then click the "PBL1537080".


Figure 1-3

4) Click the "Remove an IP from PBL" button (Figure 1-4).

Remove an IP from PBL

Figure 1-4

5) In the bottom of the page, select the "I have read and I have understood this page" check box, and then click the "Remove IP Address ..." button (Figure 1-5).

Remove IP Address

Figure 1-5

6) Enter the relevant information on this page (Figure 1-6).

Information Required

Figure 1-6

IP Address to remove: The IP address which is applied for removing.

Your Email Address: Using a real email address (the email address which is unable to send emails currently). Do not use a free email address.

This IP is in Country: Select a country.

This IP Address is: Select the IP type (such as dynamic IP or static IP).

This IP Belongs to: IP is used for what (for company or mail server).

Enter the Numbers shown: Enter the verification code.

7) Finally, click the "submit" button to submit the information, wait for some time, then the "" will send an email to the email address you just submitted.

8) After received the email from "", follow the prompt to remove your IP from the blacklist.

How to remove IP from the RBL blacklist? For other RBL website, the IP removing process is basically the same.

For more information, please refer to "Anti-spam".

Meanwhile, when your server's IP address has been wrong listed in some anti-spam RBLs, you also can use AAMail server relay sending function.