SPF Anti-spam Function

2014/07/04 15:07

SPF is a DNS record type which aims at anti-spams. It is also a TXT record for registering a domain name's IP address which is used for sending mails.

SPF is a DNS-related technology with its contents written in the txt record of DNS. MX record is used for specifying the servers of a domain name for the sender. The role of SPF is different with MX. SPF indicates which mail servers are recognized by the domain name for the recipient.

SPF is used for AAMail system to check whether the domain name matches with the IP address for the external SMTP incoming mails, so there is no need to configure it on AAMail.

If you want to configure the SPF, you need to go to domain control panel to set the related DNS record (or turn to domain name service provider for help). 

Reference Configuration

In "D:\AAMail\data\mailserver.ini", under "[System]", you can configure as follows.

"AntiSpamSPF = 1": Whether to enable SPF function. The value "1" stands for enable, "0" is for disable (Figure 1-1).

SPF Function

Figure 1-1