Backup System Information

2014/07/23 14:41

AAMail has been added a new function for system data backup, you can backup "mailserver.ini", accounts, mail folder, domains, Pop3 remote, auto filter rules, ISP relay sending, group member, auto forward rules, block list, monitor relationship, auto signature, RBL list, address book, auto reply and so on.

The backup steps are as follows.

1) In AAMail main interface, on the menu bar, click the "Operation", and then select the "System backup" (Figure 1-1).

System Backup

Figure 1-1

2) In the pop up "System data backup" dialog box, select the backup information. In the "Backup to" edit box, enter the backup path, and then click the "Backup" button (Figure 1-2).

System Data Backup

Figure 1-2

If you only want to backup "Accounts", you can just select the "Account" check box and uncheck others.