Method of Modify the Mailbox Size

2013/09/10 18:00

Modify the mailbox size of single account

1) On the AAMail main interface, right click the account whose mailbox size needs to be modified, and then click the "Edit/View account" (Figure 1-1).

Edit/View account

Figure 1-1

2) In the pop up "Account" dialog box, select the "Limited (M)" check box, type the max mailbox size into the "Mailbox size" edit box, and click the "OK" button (Figure 1-2).


Figure 1-2

Set the unified mailbox size for all accounts

1) On the main interface of AAMail, click the "Settings" button (Figure 1-3).

Click Settings

Figure 1-3

2) In the pop up "Server settings" dialog box, click the "Account" tab. Then in the "Unlimited mailbox volume" edit box, modify its value to set the max mailbox size for all accounts (Figure 1-4).

Server settings

Figure 1-4

Note: After you set the unified mailbox size, it will apply to all accounts, so the mailbox size value which you have set for the single account before will be invalid.