Drop History Mails

2013/08/22 16:52

If there are many history mails, you can delete some of them. AAMail supports selecting multiple accounts at one time, and then you can delete the mails before a specified period of time.

The steps are as follows.

1) Select an AAMail account or multiple accounts from the account list, and then right click them and select "Drop history mails" (Figure 1-1).

Drop History Mails

Figure 1-1

2) It will pop up the "Drop history mails" dialog box, in the "Before" edit box, enter the date, click the "OK" button, and then the system will delete the mails before the specified date (Figure 1-2).

Drop History Mails

Figure 1-2

Selected: Select the account.

All domain accounts: Select then the delete range will extend to all accounts under the local domain.

Before: Delete all mails before this day (not including this day).