Add User-defined Server Welcome Message

2014/07/23 15:37

You can specify the customized server welcome message command manually to protect your personal information. For details, please refer to the instructions as below.

1) Find the configuration file mailserver.ini in the installation directory of AA Mail Server.

2) Double click to open the mailserver.ini notepad. 

3) Add the text "ServerResponse=..." under the [Setup]. For example, we make the server welcome message as "user-defined information" here (Figure 1-1).

Add Server Welcome Message

Figure 1-1

4) Save the change and close the notepad form.

5) Check whether the user-defined server welcome message works. In the "Start" menu-> "run"->"cmd", assuming that the server IP is, in the command line, type into "telnet 25" then press the "Enter" key. If the result is similar to the server welcome message that we add as above (Figure 1-2), it means add the user-defined server welcome message successfully.

Check Server Welcome Message

Figure 1-2