Reference Guide of Sending and Receiving Speed

2014/07/22 16:35

If the sending and receiving speed of mail server is very slow, you can judge and solve this problem according to the following instructions.

1) Network problem.

2) The server is too old.

3) In the "Mail sending", there are a lot of mails waiting to be sent, which will cause send delays. For details, please refer to "Clear Sendings".

4) If the value in the "Send mail thread number" edit box was modified from the original "20" to "30" or larger, then the mail server's running speed will become very slow, or even crashed. So just keep the default settings (Figure 1-1).

Send Mail Thread Number

Figure 1-1

5) An email was copied to all the staffs at one time (with a few megabytes to tens of megabytes attachments, or even larger). Sending these "large attachments" will affect the sending and receiving speed of the mail server.

Solution: Use the "Mail Group" function to send mails. For details, please refer to "Mail Group".