Upgrade Steps of AAMail Mail Server

2015/04/02 14:23

1) Uninstall the old version. Uninstall the software, but the email data will not be lost. Please make sure that the main interface of the old version and its backstage services have been closed.

2) Install AAMail 5.0. We recommend installing AAMail 5.0 to the different installation directory with the older version.

3) After installation is complete, double click the AAMail 5.0 desktop shortcut, run AAMail 5.0, configure the new version of the database and the related system parameters, and then go to AAMail main interface.

4) On the menu bar, click the "Operation -> Upgrade" (Figure 1-1).


Figure 1-1

5) In the pop up "Upgrade wizard" dialog box, select upgrade from which version according to your actual situation, and then click the "Next" button (Figure 1-2).

Select Task

Figure 1-2

If your software old version is CMailServer, then click the "Upgrade" combo box, and select "Upgrade from CMailServer 5.2+".

If your software old version is AAMail 4.26, then click the "Upgrade" combo box, and select "Upgrade from AAMail 4.2x".

6) In the pop up "Step 2/3 Specify parameters" dialog box, click the "Option" combo box, and select "Import all accounts and all mails" or "Import accounts only, NOT import mails" as you wish. Click the "Location" combo box, and select the location of your old version, and then click the "Next" button (Figure 1-3).

Specify Parameters

Figure 1-3

7) It will display the accounts and mails volume of the old version. Click the "Start" button to import the accounts and mails.

If there are many mails, please be patient to wait all mails been imported completely. If there are any problems during the import process, you can import the data again. The mails which have been already imported successfully will be kept a record in "D:\AAMail\Other\upgrade.mdb" file, so they will not be imported repeatedly. If you want to import all the data again, then you need to delete this file.

If you want to upgrade from other mail servers to AA Mail Server, you can refer to Import Acccounts and Mails from Another Mail Server.