How to Check Whether AAMail is Running Normally

2013/08/29 11:34

AAMail Main Interface (Figure 1-1).

Main Interface

Figure 1-1

Please see the above information list (red frame)

Ver=5.0: Means that the version of AAMail is 5.0.

SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition: Shows the database information.

Welcome!: Indicates accessing the database successfully.

Services: Shows AAMail services. If AAMail services had not been started, there will be a "?" after "Services".

SendMail (20): 20 send mail threads.

POP3Remote (5): 5 remote receive threads.

Admin=8025: This port is used for the communications between interface and backstage services, meanwhile the main interface is also through this port, and confirm whether the backstage service is running normally.

POP3=110: Port of receiving mails.

SMTP1=25: Port of sending mails.

LAN: IP address of the LAN.

You can check the information according to the above information list.