Notes about the Upgrade

2014/07/21 17:00

Since AAMail new version adopted the new data structure, storage mode and Unicode kernel, you can not directly reuse the original data of CMailServer/AAMail old version, but to re-import CMailServer/AAMail old version's domain names, accounts and emails to AAMail 5.0.

AAMail upgrade process will not destroy CMailServer/AAMail old versions' any original data.

Before upgrading to a new version, if there are large amount of mails, we recommend that you delete the old mails which have not been used for a long time. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to import the old mails. For details of deleting mails, please refer to "Drop History Mails".

If the old version's database is Access database, please compact the Access database before upgrading ("Tool => Compact database").