Cannot Send and Receive Overseas Mails

2013/08/23 12:00

Problem Description: Can not normally use AAMail to send and receive mails overseas (can receive mails but not to send; can send mails but not to receive; can not send and receive mails).


Method 1

Modify the SMTP and POP3 addresses to AAMail mail server's public IP address.

If you can not solve this problem after the above method, then please test whether the "SMTP and POP3" ports can be connected normally, because maybe the mail ports are disabled overseas.

Use telnet IP 25 to test whether the SMTP port is normal (such as telnet 25).

Use telnet IP 110 to test whether the POP3 port is normal.

If port "25" is disabled, you can use AAMail's 2nd SMTP port. For details, please refer to "Server Settings".

Method 2

If you can not normally use the client software, then you can use Webmail to login.

1) Use telnet command to test whether port 80 is normal (such as "telnet 80").

2) If port 80 can not be connected normally, then in the "IIS Manager", modify port 80 to other port (such as port 82). After the modification, you need to make port mapping in the router, for details, please refer to "Enable AAMail Mail Server in Router".

3) Use telnet command to test whether port 82 is normal.

4) Go to or to visit Webmail.