Solutions for Avoiding Password Being Cracked

2013/08/23 12:41

If an account's password failed more than 5 times, AAMail system will auto lock this account's IP address for one minute, during this one minute, this computer can not login AAMail account.

This function prevents cracking AAMail mail account's password with brute force, which also improves the security of AAMail account.

The settings are as follows.

1) In AAMail main interface, on the toolbar, click the "Settings" button (Figure 1-1).


Figure 1-1

2) In the pop up "Server settings" dialog box, click the "Network" tab, and then select the "Lock IP 1 minutes after password fail 5 times" check box. Finally, click the "OK" button (Figure 1-2).

Lock IP 1 Minutes after Password Fail 5 Times

Figure 1-2

After following the above steps, you can lock IP 1 minute after password failed 5 times.

Reference Configuration

In "D:\AAMail\data\mailserver.ini", under "[System]", you can configure as follows.

"PasswordLockEnable=1": Whether to enable the "Lock IP 1 minutes after password fail 5 times" function. Configure the value as "1" to enable this function, and "0" to disable.

"PasswordMaxTries=5": Allow how many times failed password authentication. The default value is 5 times.

"PasswordLockMinute=1": How long to lock IP after the password authentication failed. The default value is 1 minute.