Method of Checking Mails on Server

2013/08/29 15:41

The steps about how to check mails and attachments on the server without using Webmail, Outlook and other tools are as follows.

1) Open the "C:\AAMail\data\mail" folder. In "mail" folder, the "000000-999999" folders are used to store mails and attachments of the accounts.

AAMail Data Mail

Figure 1-1

2) Double click "0000001" folder (we take "0000001" folder for example). The ".txt" files are mail files, and the ".dat" files are attachment files.

AAMail Data Mail

Figure 1-2

3) Copy the file and then open it (such as "2002030400000004.txt") (in order to avoid damaging the original file). Delete the top two blank lines. Finally, save the file.

Delete Top Two Blank Lines

Figure 1-3

4) Modify the "2002030400000004.txt" file format to ".eml".

AAMail Data Mail

Figure 1-4

5) Double click "2002030400000004.eml" file, and then you can see the mail and attachment.

AAMail Unicode

Figure 1-5