Solutions for AAMail Crashed

2014/07/21 18:17

The running environment of mail server is very complex (such as a variety of non-standard format mails), so in some cases, it may cause the server crashed or backstage services stopped. There is an auto detection function in AAMail main interface, which will help you check whether the backstage service is running normally. If it detected the problem, then it will automatically restart the backstage service.

The steps are as follows.

1) In AAMail main interface, on the toolbar, click the "Service" button, and then click the "Start" button, and try to manually restart the backstage service.

2) If you find it stops after startup, please check the "c:\AAMail\dump folder", and see whether there are any files whose file extension is ".dmp". If there are, please zip the "c:\AAMail\dump" and the entire folder of "c:\AAMail\other" and send them to "" for analysis and processing.

3) Prepare for remote desktop, and send the server's IP address, account and password to "", or contact us online to get the remote technical support. Or you can run "c:\AAMail\teamviewer4.exe", and then send the ID and password to "".