What Is Relay Sending?

AA Mail Server supports multi ISP relay accounts. When direct-send failed, AA Mail Server will auto try to send mails via ISP relay accounts one by one. This technology will significantly improve your sending success rate, especially when your server's IP address has been wrong listed in some anti-spam RBLs.

You could apply one or several Gmail, Yahoo or other mailboxes as the system-level relay accounts. Please note that yahoo's SMTP function is not enabled as default. Some mail servers (e.g. yahoo) limit the sending number every day, so that you are recommended to apply several relay accounts. AA Mail Server will use them by turn when directly sending failed.

  • Relay sending will work only after direct-send failed.
  • Target recipients will see this mail come from original sender, not from the relay account.
  • If relay send failed, failure notice will return to the relay account.

How to Apply Relay Sending?

Click "Settings => Relay "ISP relay settings" menu command in AA Mail Server, you can add, modify and delete your relay accounts. When you have more than one relay accoutns, the default optoin "System auto try by turns" is recommended. Of course you can also specify priorities for them.

Take Gmail as an example, "Server address" is smtp.gmail.com, "Email address" is xxxx@gmail.com, tick on "SSL", fill in account "xxxx" and your password. You can click "Detect" to test if your settings are correct. You could also click "Settings -> Diagnose mail sending" menu command to test direct-sending and relay-sending.

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