RBL Setting Method

2014/07/23 18:16

RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) is a blacklist. All of the IP addresses or domain names in this list have sent spams to other mailboxes before.

If A has applied RBL service, and B's IP was listed in the RBL list, when B sends mails to A, A will reject these mails.

In AAMail "Anti-spam settings" dialog box, if you enable all RBL services and set strict RBL rules, you may also receive mails failed.

We recommend enable the following 5 RBL services.






RBL List

Figure 1-1

If the Mail Was Misjudged to Be the Spam, What Should I Do?

If you find that the mail was misjudged to be the spam, you can add the other party's server IP to "IP white list", or add its domain name to "address white list".

If My Server IP Was Listed in RBL Anti-spam Black List, How to Remove My Server IP from RBL?

Sometimes, your server IP may be listed to one RBL international anti-spam organization black list. If the server IP was listed in RBL black list, the other server may reject your emails. For details about how to remove your IP from RBL, please refer to "Solution for IP Address Being Listed to RBL Black List".