It Is Slow When Remote Receiving Mails

2014/07/07 15:34


You have set the "POP3 retrieve" function, but AAMail mail system cannot receive mails (or only a part of the mails can be received). To receive all mails, you have to manually right click the account, and then select "POP3 retrieve".


In its default settings, AAMail receives mails for each account in turns with 5 threads, and receives only 10 mails each time to avoid an account receive too much mails.

If many accounts have set "POP3 retrieve" function, AAMail system will receive mails for each account in order. If the account is listed in the end of the account list, it may seem like that this account cannot receive mails timely.

When you manually receive mails, AAMail system will receive mails for this account immediately, rather than waiting for the system to receive mails in turns.


Improve the receiving ability of a single account. Manually modify "AAMail\data\mailserver.ini" parameters. If you did not find the two-line parameters below, please manually add them to the file (Figure 1-1). After the modification complete, please restart the mail service in the backstage.


POP3RemoteMaxOnce=50 (take "50" for example)

Pop3RemoteThread=10 (take "10" for example)

AAMail Configuration File

Figure 1-1

POP3RemoteMaxOnce means the maximum number of the remote received mails.

Pop3RemoteThread means the thread of "POP3 retrieve".

Note: The value of "Pop3RemoteThread" does not have to be too large. Normally, "20" to "30" is OK.