Admin Password

2014/07/09 11:38

The admin password is mainly used for locking AAMail main interface.

The steps are as follows.

1) On the toolbar, click the "Settings" button.

2) In the pop up "Server settings" dialog box, select the "Auto lock after minimized" check box (Figure 1-1).

Auto Lock

Figure 1-1

3) After minimized, open the AAMail main interface again, it will require admin password (The password is empty by default).

4) On the menu bar, click "Settings -> Admin password", you can reset the admin password here (Figure 1-2).

Admin Password

Figure 1-2

It is very safe and reliable with this password management method in the mail server. You only need to minimize AAMail main interface, then it will be locked, and it will require password to login then.

If you forgot your admin password, please refer to "What If I Forgot the Admin Password" for information.