Enable AAMail Mail Server in Router

2015/03/24 15:44

If your server is connected after the router/NAT, then you need to configure router/NAT, set Port Forwarding (also named Port Mapping) for Port 25/110/80 from router to server. If your server isn't connected after router, or you only need to create "LAN Mail Server", then you do not need to operate like the following steps.

Normally, the local IP of router is Suppose your server's local IP is

Login to the router's (NAT) control panel, usually, it is

1) Find the function of "Port Forwarding" (If the provider is different, then the control panel interface may be different as well. Here we take "LINKSYS" for example).

2) Create a port forwarding rule for port 25/110/80, then enable it and save the modification (Figure 1-1).


Figure 1-1

After operated according to the above steps, you can send and receive mails from the extranet normally. Please note that because the provider of router may be different, so the place to configure port forwarding maybe also different, but the steps are the same. Please configure according to the actual situation to make sure that port 25/110/80 are opened in the Internet.