Monitor Folders

2014/07/16 16:49

1. Monitor Folders

Click the "Monitor folders", then the monitor summary information will be displayed on the right side of the form (Figure 1-1).

Monitor Folders

Figure 1-1

You can find the Messages/unreads, Space used, Ratio, Empty|Delete and Create folder information here.


2. Monitor Folder List

Click the "Monitor folders", it will display "Inbox", "Archive", "Spam" and "Trash" (Figure 1-2).

Monitor Folder List

Figure 1-2


3. Read the Monitored Mail

Click the "Inbox", it will show the Sender, recipients, Direction | Subject, Date and other information on the right side of the form. Click the mail subject (such as "test 1"), you can read the monitored mail then (Figure 1-3).

Read the Monitored Mail

Figure 1-3

According to the above method, you can also read the mails in "Archive", "Spam" and "Trash".


4. Search Monitored Mail

Search the monitored mail according to the conditions (Figure 1-4).

Search Monitored Mail

Figure 1-4

Monitored account(s): Select the monitored account(s).

Outgoing/incoming option: There are three options (all monitored emails, only outgoing mails and only incoming mails).

Search folder: Select the mailbox in the monitor folders list.

Sender includes: Search the typed keywords in sender.

Mail Subject includes/Full text search: Search the typed keywords in recipient.

Title contains/email text search: Select the search mode.

Attachment name includes: Search the typed keywords in the attachment name.

Mail date between: Select the start date and end date of the monitored mail.