Webmail Address Book Function

2013/08/23 17:37

1. Address Book

In the Webmail interface, click the "Address book", it will show the "Address Book List" on the right side of the form (Figure 1-1).

Address Book

Figure 1-1

Search: Search the email address in the address book list.

Delete: Delete one or multiple email addresses.

Add private: Create new email address.

Export: Export all email addresses with TXT format.

2. Add Private

Click the "Add private" in the "Address Book" page, and then it will pop up the "Add new contact - Personal contacts" window (Figure 1-2).

Add New Contact

Figure 1-2

3. Export Address Book

Click the "Export" button in the "Address Book List" page, and it will export all email addresses with TXT format (Figure 1-3).

Export Address Book

Figure 1-3

The email addresses which are exported here can be imported to Outlook and Foxmail.