Mail Monitor Function

2014/07/07 15:56

1. Mail Monitor

AAMail supports setting multiple supervisors. A supervisor can monitor all same domain accounts, or several specified accounts. You can also choose only monitor one account's incoming mails or outgoing mails. If an account is monitored when send and receive mails, the supervisor will receive the copies of these mails then.

AAMail is a mail system which supports mail monitor. It made some special designs for mail monitor. If a mail is monitored by multiple supervisors at the same time, the monitored mail will only store one copy of the mail entity. So you don't need to worry about that if you set 1000 supervisors to monitor one account at the same time will run out of the system resources. No matter how many supervisors are monitoring a mail, there is only one monitoring copy in the system, which is shared by all supervisors.

2. How to Set Mail Monitor

In AAMail, the relationship among a supervisor and the monitored accounts is called "Monitoring Relationship". Create accounts first, and then you can specify which account to be the supervisor, finally, set the monitored accounts for the supervisor. The steps are as follows.

1) Double click the account which you would like it to be the supervisor.

2) In the pop up "Account" dialog box, click the "Monitor" tab, and select the "Is supervisor" check box to enable monitoring account (Figure 1-1).


Figure 1-1

Monitor all same domain accounts: Select to monitor all same domain accounts, otherwise, you need to select the monitored accounts one by one.

Also monitor local exchanged mails: Select to only monitor local to Internet mails; uncheck to monitor both of local to local, and local to Internet mails.

How to Monitor the Specified Accounts

Click the "Outgoing list" button. In the pop up dialog box, you can specify the accounts which need to be monitored when send mails (Figure 1-2).

Outgoing List

Figure 1-2

Click the "Incoming list" button. In the pop up dialog box, you can specify the accounts which need to be monitored when receive mails (Figure 1-3).

Incoming List

Figure 1-3

3. How to Check the Monitored Mails

The supervisor can use Outlook or Foxmail to receive the mails in "Monitor folders" (mails of other "Monitor folders" will not be received). Or you can use Webmail to login the supervisor account, click "Monitor folders", and then you can check, archive and search the monitored mails (Figure 1-4). For details, please refer to "Monitor Folders".

Monitor Folders

Figure 1-4

AAMail also supports monitor mail group. When monitor the mail group, a mail which is sent to this group will be monitored only once. When the group members received this mail, it will not be monitored again. If the supervisor received this mail, it will not be monitored.