Fix web mail after update to new version

2017/03/27 21:50

When updating AAMail to new version, sometime the webmail stops working. Here is how you can make it work again

1. Uninstall AAMail from the server.

2. Move the "AAMail" folder from the current installation directory to another one (Example E: ).

3. Now, re install AAMail on the server.

4. Make the initial configuration and make sure the web mail is working.

5. Stop the AAMail server, then copy and replace the "accessldap.mdb" file in the current installation directory from the file in the "E:\AAMail".

6. Start AAMail

7. Run Webmail and check if it works.

8. Once webmail works, you can simply copy the  remaining files in the E:\AAMail folder to current installation directory to restore your mail server.

9. This way you want get the WebMail working without loosing any data.