Install Windows IIS 7 Mail Server

2014/07/16 17:05

1. Install IIS 7 on Win7 Mail Server

IIS 7 was not installed on Windows 2008 (or Windows 7) by default. If you need to install IIS7, then you must reinstall IIS 7 on the operating system.

When you install IIS7, please note that the ASP, ASP.NET functions are not installed by default, please select these functions and install them.

The IIS 7 installation steps are as follows.

1) Click "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Programs and Features".

2) In the pop up "Programs and Features" dialog box, click "Turn Windows features on or off" (Figure 1-1).

Turn Windows Features on or off

Figure 1-1

3) In the pop up "Server Manager" dialog box, click the "Roles" node, and then click the "Add Roles" (Figure 1-2).

Add Roles

Figure 1-2

4) In the pop up "Before You Begin" dialog box, click the "Next" button.

5) In the pop up "Select Server Roles" dialog box, select the "Web Server (IIS)" check box, and then click the "Next" button (Figure 1-3).

Select Server Roles

Figure 1-3

6) In the pop up "Web Server (IIS)" dialog box, click the "Next" button.

7) In the pop up "Select Role Services" dialog box, select the check boxes in the red frames (Figure 1-4) and (Figure 1-5), and then click the "Next" button. (The check boxes in red frames must be selected).

Select Server Roles

Figure 1-4

Select Server Roles

Figure 1-5

8) In the pop up "Confirm Installation Selections" dialog box, click the "Install" button (Figure 1-6).

Confirm Installation Selections

Figure 1-6

9) Wait for installation.

10) After installation is complete, click the "Close" button (Figure 1-7).

Installation Results

Figure 1-7

2. How to Open IIS 7

Click "Start" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager".

Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager interface (Figure 1-8).

Internet Information Services

Figure 1-8