Branches Create Internal Mail Server

2015/04/02 12:04

We are a branch, how to create a mail server to match with the headquarters' server?

Condition 1: The headquarters has created a mail system.

Condition 2: The branch installs AAMail.

The internal mail exchanges are frequent in the branch, and the attachments sent with the mails are usually very large. The branch was using the headquarters' unified company mail server system before, so the mails which are exchanged in the branch internal, also need to receive from and send to the headquarters via Internet, thus, the efficiency is very low, especially when send and receive large mails. Under this circumstance, the branch may want a mail server which can match with the headquarters' server to make the its internal communications more convenient, and keep communicating with the headquarters smoothly.

AAMail provided a special solution for this kind of demand. It can realize creating a local mail server for the branch, and use the same domain name with the headquarters, which will ensure the smooth internal mail exchanges in the branch, and will not influence the mail communications among the branch, headquarters and the external. This solution is the combination of AAMail's "Map mail server mode" and "Send to Internet for nonexistent local recipients" functions.

It is very easy to create branch server. Suppose your headquarters mailbox domain name is "", the creation steps are as follows.

1) Install AAMail on the branch's server. For details, please refer to "Quick Start".

2) On AAMail menu bar, click "Settings -> Domain settings" to create a new domain name, such as "". Click the "Domain type" combo box, and select the "Map mail server mode", then click the "Next" button. Select the "Send to Internet for nonexistent local recipients" check box. For details, please refer to "Create and Manage Domain Name".

3) Create the relative local mail accounts with the headquarters for the employees. Suppose the branch's previous mail account is "", on the toolbar, click the "Account" button to begin creating account. Please pay attention to fill in the headquarters' mailbox information in "Map settings 2/4" to make this account be bound with the headquarters' mailbox. For details, please refer to "How to Apply Map Mail Server Mode".

4) Now, the branch's employees can configure Outlook to send and receive mails. Note that the POP3 and SMTP mail server addresses in Outlook should be modified to be the IP address of the branch server. For details, please refer to "Mail Client".

5) If you want to use Webmail to send and receive mails, please refer to "Webmail".

After configured according to the above steps, we can take "" for example. The external mails which are supposed to send to "" will be sent to the headquarters server, AAMail will automatically collect these mails from the headquarters' server to the branch's server, and then the employees of the branch will receive the external mails.

When the account of "" sends mails to other local accounts in the branch, then AAMail will directly handle it, thus, even if the mails are very large, the sending and receiving efficiency can be still assured. When the account of "" sends mails to the external or headquarters (branch local nonexistent mailbox), then these mails will be sent via the headquarters' server.