What Is Map Mail Server

2014/07/10 17:53

When you create a domain name, if you click the "Domain type" combo box, and select "Map mail server mode", then AAMail will run with map mail server mode.

Under map mail server mode, AAMail will only deal with the email communications among internal employees. For external emails which are sent by employees, AAMail will automatically forward them to the external ISP mail server system, and then it will send out these emails. And mails replied by the external customers will be sent to the ISP mailbox, and then AAMail will automatically receive these replied mails via remote receiving mails function (Figure 1-1).

Mail Exchanges

Figure 1-1

We will take examples to illustrate the operations. Suppose you already have had an ISP mailbox, such as "test.com" (a billing mailbox), then you can create a domain as "mytest.com" in AAMail, and use map mail server mode to bind the "test.com" mailbox. The mail interaction cases are as follows.

Case 1 Mails from "xx@mytest.com" send to "yy@mytest.com"

Suppose both of "xx@mytest.com" and "yy@mytest.com" are internal mail accounts. When they send mails to each other, then it is called internal mails exchanges, which will be handled by AAMail. When AAMail received mails from "xx@mytest.com", it will send them directly to "yy@mytest.com", which means this was solved in the internal LAN and will not involve any external communications. It is very efficient.

Case 2 Mails from "xx@mytest.com" send to "zz@other.com"

Suppose "xx@mytest.com" is an internal mail account, and "zz@other.com" is an external mail account. When "xx@mytest.com" sends mails to "zz@other.com", this will become external mail exchanges. And AAMail will send the received mails from "xx@mytest.com" to the ISP bound mailbox (assume it is "xx@test.com"), and then the ISP bound mailbox will send these mails to "zz@other.com". And the mails which are received by "zz@other.com" were from "xx@test.com".

Case 3 Mails from "zz@other.com" send to "xx@test.com"

Suppose "mytest.com" is only an internal domain name, and the external customers do not know this, of course, they don't need to know this. Mails from the external customers will be sent to the company's ISP mailbox (such as "test.com"). AAMail will regularly check whether there are new mails on the ISP server, if there are, it will remote receiving these mails from "xx@test.com" and save the received mails to "xx@mytest.com" mailbox.