How to Apply Map Mail Server Mode

2015/03/24 16:46

It is very easy to apply map mail server mode. Suppose your ISP mail hosting domain name is "", POP3 and SMTP servers' addresses are "". Then, you can create an internal domain name in AAMail, please click the "Domain type" combo box, and select "Map mail server mode" (Figure 1-1). The internal domain name can be the same or different with the external one, normally, they are the same.

Map Mail Server Mode

Figure 1-1

After creating the domain name in AAMail, the next step is to create accounts, and bind relative external ISP mailbox for each internal account. We will take creating account (such as "") for example.

1) On the toolbar, click the "Account" button, then you will see the "Account creation wizard", type "support" in the "Account" edit box, and set other parameters. The password you typed here will have no relationship with the ISP mailbox's password. Then, click the "Next" button (Figure 1-2).

Basic Information

Figure 1-2

2) It will pop up the "Map settings" dialog box. Type the ISP mailbox connection parameters here, including ISP server address, account and password. When finished, click the "Detect" button to test whether the parameters have been correctly set or not. Then, click the "Next" button (Figure 1-3).

Map Settings

Figure 1-3

3) Continue other steps to finish creating account.

4) Finish binding other accounts according to the above steps.

How to edit "Remote POP3 account"?

If you want to add, modify or delete remote POP3 account, in the account list, double click the account, in the pop up "Account" dialog box, click the "POP3 remote" tab, and then you can add, modify or delete the "Remote POP3 account" (Figure 1-4).

POP3 Remote

Figure 1-4

Introduction about the "map to account".

Standard Mode: Not allow binding the account.

Map Mode: Allow setting remote POP3 account for each account.

Share Mode: Allow setting remote POP3 account for normal account, administrator, and special manager account, but not allow for special local staff account.