How to do when cannot receive Internet mails?

When you need to receive Internet mails after you installed AA Mail Server on your server, you need to apply an Internet domain from your ISP, let's assume it as "" firstly.

  1. In AAMail, click "Tool => Diagnose MX" menu command, AAMail will show you what are your LAN IP, WAN IP, domains's current MXs and their IPs, and result that AAMail try to connect to the first MX.

  2. If have problems, run "telnet 25" command on your server, to verify if AAMail runs OK or not.

  3. If "telnet 25" OK, then try "telnet [your LAN IP] 25" to check if your server is available on LAN. If not, check your firewall and anti-virus software settings to open 25/110/80 ports.

  4. If "telnet [your LAN IP] 25" OK, then try "telnet [your WAN IP] 25" to check if your port 25 is available on Internet.

  5. If "telnet [your WAN IP] 25" failed, do not to check your router port forwarding for 25/110/80.

  6. If all "telnet" commands OK, but you still cannot receive Internet mails, check MX settings on your ISP domain control panel. You could ask your ISP for MX setup help.

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