My Server Has Fixed IP Address, How to Build Internet Mail Server?

[1] My server has a fixed Internet IP address.
[2] I have an Internet domain.

If your server has an fixed Internet IP address and you have an Internet domain, you can build a standard Internet mail server with AA Mail Server easily, just liking or does. Your mailboxes hosted in AA Mail Server can receive mails from other mail servers and send mails to Internet directly.

Let's assume that your domain is "", your server's local IP address is "" and Internet IP address is 123.123.123. There will be two major steps for you to build up this Internet mail server.

Step 1. On your mail server, you need to do:

  1. Install AA Mail Server ready on your server. Refer: Install AA Mail Server.
  2. Create a domain with "Standard mail server" mode. Refer: Create domains.
  3. Create accounts for your staff. Refer: Create accounts.
  4. Open 25/110/80 TCP ports in your firewall. Refer: Configure firewall.
  5. If behind a router, goto router's panel to create 25/110/80 ports forwarding. Refer: Configure router.
Now your server is ready for LAN mail service (not available for Internet email communication yet). You could verify it with telnet DOS commands manualy on the server:

[1] "telnet 25": verify if AA Mail Server run ready.
[2] "telnet 25": verify if mail service is ready for LAN; if not, check firewall settings.
[3] "telnet 25": verify if mail service is ready for Internet; if not, check port forwarding settings.

Step 2. On domain control panel, you need to do:

  1. Login your ISP domain control panel (where you applied your domain).
  2. Create a "A" record with name of "" and with value of your Internet IP address.
  3. Create a "MX" record with value of "", which you just created.
Different ISPs have different domain control panels and mostly them varies significantly. If you are not familiar with this, you can ask your ISP for help, or mail us your domain name, server' Internet IP address, login account/password so that we can configure MX for you.

After domain MX configure ready, your mail server is ready for Internet mail service. Now you could click "Diagnose" toolbar button to run diagnosise wizard for your server in AA Mail Server. Your SMTP server and POP3 server are "" (or you can use server's IP address directly). Webmail address will be as default.

Tel: +86-731-85537391

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My Server Has Dynamic IP Address, How to Build Internet Mail Server?

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