Build AA Mail Server for Branch Company

If you are a branch company and your headquater (in different city or country) has mail server already, you may also need to build a mail srever for your branch company. Why? For that you many have many internal exchanged mails, or need to send/receive very large files (e.g. 100M or 200M) in email between colleagues.

You can run AA Mail Server in "Map server mode + Send to Internet for nonexistent local recipients" with the same domain name and same accounts as those in headquarter mail server. Let's assume that your headquarter domain is "" and there are three accounts, and are in both AA Mail Server and headquarter mail server, while is only in headquarter mail server. Then followings will happen when they send mails among themselves:

1) => AA Mail Server will process it locally.
2) => AA Mail Server will sent to headquarter ( is not existed in AA Mail Server).
3) => Headquarter mail server will process it and AA Mail Server will auto-retrieve it down.

AA Mail Server - Unique Mail Mapping Server Mode Help You Save Cost Significantly!

Step 1. Install AA Mail Server. Refer: Install AA Mail Server.

Step 2. Create a domain with the same name in headquarter mail server (assume as ""), check on option "Send to Internet for nonexistent local recipients".

Step 3. Create accounts for your staff in branch company. Don't forget to setup mapping accounts for each local account to bind their accounts in headquarter mail server.

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