The Advantages of Map Mail Server Mode

2015/03/24 16:50

If you choose the map mail server mode, then your server does not require a fixed IP, and there is no need to apply for Internet domain names. It only needs that the staffs already have the company mailboxes which were provided by the ISP service provider. Under map mail server mode, the domain name of the mailbox can be named as you wish (such as name the virtual domain as "" or "" etc). Though this virtual domain name will not be recognized by the Internet, it can be used for internal email communications among employees. As the outgoing mails will be sent by the ISP service provider at last, the sender of the received mails will be the ISP email address, rather than the AAMail's internal email address.

Using the map mail server mode, you do not have to abandon the previous ISP company mailbox while you use AAMail to manage employee emails, which can be said to be double insurance.

1) Higher Efficiency of Email Communications

The internal LAN email communications will be handled by AAMail. And the mails which are sent and received among employees will no longer need to send to Internet first, and then collect from the Internet. Thus, the efficiency of email communications is greatly improved, especially in sending large size emails and when the Internet speed is not too fast, the advantage of map mail server mode can be seen obviously.

For the external emails, AAMail will continuously remote receiving the external mails from the ISP mailbox and store them to the local mailbox, which will also improve the efficiency of sending and receiving external emails.

2) Employees' Emails Expansion without Cost

ISP's mailbox capacity is relatively small. If you want to expand the mailbox capacity for each employee, then it will be a big overhead. Using AAMail's map mail server mode, you can save this large sums of money, because AAMail will continuously collect the mails from ISP mailbox, then the ISP mailbox does not require an expansion. As long as the local hard disk size is large enough, AAMail can provide unlimited space for these emails.

3) Enhance the Internet Email Communications' Ability

Suppose there is only a part of your company computers can access the Internet directly, but you want every computer send and receive Internet emails. Then you can install AAMail and use it to exchange mails, thus letting the company's all computers send and receive Internet emails. AAMail supports multiple domain names, and different domain names can be set different server modes, so you can easily set different Internet sending and receiving permission for different users.

4) Mail Group and Mail Monitor Function

The mail functions which are provided by ISP service providers are often very limited, such as mail group and mail monitor function. AAMail's map mail server mode allows you keeping the ISP mailbox while using AAMail's powerful management capabilities, such as mail group, mail monitor, mail clear, mail filter, address book management and a more powerful function of Webmail.

5) Unified Backup and Anti-virus

If you use AAMail to exchange Internet mails, then you can easily install anti-virus software on the mail server, and reduce the mail viruses to spread in and out of the company, which will improve the security of the company network. Meanwhile, ISP service does not support mail backup, but you can use AAMail to backup mails and avoid losing important data.