What Is Share Mail Server

2014/07/14 15:13

We will take Sales Department for example to illustrate the functions of share mail server.

As the sales department's staff mobility is larger, if salesman Alex changes his or her job, then it maybe inconvenient for the customers who kept in touch with salesman Alex via emails before. With share mail server mode, you can let all of the sales department staffs use the same email address, such as "sales@share.com". Therefore, even if salesmen changed, customers will always be very easy to keep in touch with you via emails (Figure 1-1).

Share Mail Server

Figure 1-1

Share mail server mode can be divided into three types, they are, normal account, special local staff account and special manager account.

Normal account can be assigned to unrestricted users, such as leaders. Special manager account allows creating multiple departments or groups, which can be used as a common external contact account. Special local staff account can be used to send and receive internal mails normally, but if you want to use it to send and receive Internet mails, it must via manager mailbox. In the process of communicating with the external customers, they will only know the staffs' name and manager mailbox.