Mail Checkup Function in Share Mail Server Mode

2013/08/28 16:32

1. Mail Checkup in Share Mail Server Mode

With more and more frequently used email application in the company, the formality and legality of email has been gradually recognized, and the control of sending and receiving mails are increasingly concerned by company managers, therefore, the mail checkup function emerged. To make up the defect of the uncontrollability during daily mail exchanges in the company, we particularly developed the mail checkup function.

2. What Is Mail Checkup

Mail checkup means that the mail server holds the mail temporarily, and then the checkup manager decides whether to allow sending this mail out or not. Mail checkup is a special function in share mail server mode. You can choose to let the manager check the special local staff account's mail before it being sent out, or send bounce if the mail was not approved by the manager, or directly delete the mail without sending bounce.

AAMail is a server which supports mail checkup and creating normal account, special manager account and special local staff account at the same time. Only the special local staff account's mails will be checked. Generally speaking, only the mails which are sent to Internet need to be checked. The mails which are exchanged among the internal employees will not be checked in AAMail's default settings.

3. Handle the Being Checked Mails

Only when the checkup manager logged in Webmail, then he or she can handle the being checked mails. The steps are as follows.

1) The checkup manager logs in Webmail. For details about the checkup manager, please refer to "Create Special Manager Account".

2) On the left side of the form, click the "Mail checkup", you can find the information about "From, To, Subject, Date, Size etc.", and you can handle the mail in two ways, they are, All send and Reject send.

If your company needs to check the exchanged mails of the internal employees, then you can open the config.sys file of "mailserver.ini" with Notepad (AAMail installation folder -> data folder -> mailserver.ini), under the [System], add a line of new parameter, that is, "CheckupLocal = 1", then save it. In this way, the exchanged mails of the internal employees will be checked as well.