Share Mail Server’s Operating Principle

2014/07/14 15:20

1. Share Mail Server's Operating Principle

We will use actual cases to illustrate how to manage the sendings and receivings, and how to support mail auditing via AAMail's share mail server.

Suppose the company's special manager account is "", two of the special local staff accounts are "" (Zhangsan) and "" (Lisi) .

The contact email address on the two staffs and manager's business cards is "", and then customers will contact these three people via "". Please see the cases below.

2. Case 1 Customer Sends Mails to the Unified External Mailbox

Operating Principle

When customers get the business card of Zhangsan, if they want to contact him, they will send an email to "". After the manager mailbox "" received this email, the manager has two ways to deal with it.

1) Manual handling, that is, the manager use Webmail's mail transfer function to specify a staff to reply this email.

2) Automatic handling, which means setting auto transfer unnamed manager mails to all its staff, therefore, both of Zhangsan and Lisi will receive this email.

If the customer tries to send email directly to Zhangsan (""), it will depend on whether this account has the permission to receive Internet mails. If it doesn't, then this mail will be rejected directly. If it does, then both of Zhangsan and the manager will receive this email.

3. Case 2 Zhangsan Replies to Customer after Receiving Mails

Operating Principle

The manager, Zhangsan and Lisi had received an email from the customer, suppose that Zhangsan will reply this email, then, the replied email from Zhangsan will be sent to the manager mailbox first, and then keep a copy in it. Finally, this email will be sent to the customer from the manager mailbox.

Zhangsan's email address is "", and the customer will receive that email from "Zhangsan", that is, the sender's name is "Zhangsan", but the email address will be replaced automatically by the unified external mailbox, namely, "".

All the external mails sent by Zhangsan and Lisi will be automatically kept copies in the manager mailbox, and the manager will see which mails were sent from Zhangsan to the customer, and which were sent from Lisi to the customer in the Webmail's mail list.

4. Case 3 Customer Replies to Zhangsan

Operating Principle

The customer will see the email he received is from "Zhangsan". When the customer replies this mail via mail client or Webmail, the recipient email address will be automatically filled in with "Zhangsan".

The customer's replied email will be sent to the manager mailbox first, but this case is different from case 1, that is, the recipient's email address is specified to be "Zhangsan". Then AAMail will automatically transfer this email copy to Zhangsan according to the name, and other staffs will not receive this email, which ensured Zhangsan's continuous communication with the customer

Of course, there are always Zhangsan's sending and receiving mails' copies in the manager mailbox, and the manager can transfer these mails to other staffs at any time.