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You need to apply an Internet domain from your ISP, when you want to make your mail server reachable over Internet. "Reachable" means that others can send mails directly to mailboxes hosted on your server, which we call it as "standard Internet mail server mode".

If you build a LAN/intranet mail server or have selected "Map mail server mode" in domain property, you can skip this step for it just require a virtual domain name. "Virtual" means you can use any domain name you like, despite they are not belong to you.

Assume that your domain is "" and your server Internet IP is "". Followings are just general guides to configure domain MX, for different ISPs have different control panels. You can contact your ISP for help, or we can help you configure it when you tell us your domain account/password and server's IP address.

  1. Login you ISP domain control panel.
  2. Create a "A" record "", specify its value as your IP "".
  3. Create a "MX" record with value of "".

Now your mail server is ready for Internet mail service and then you can test mail sending and receiving. You are suggested to click "Diagnose" toolbar button to start a diagnosis. If you have problems or questions, forward the diagnosis report to for help. Next see also: How to configure Outlook Express?

MX Related FAQs


What is domain MX?
MX is short for "Mail eXchanger", it is a DNS record used to define the host(s) willing to accept mail for a given machine. For example, "", its MXs are "", "" etc. "" is an A (Address) record, which is specified to the IP address of one of hotmail mail servers. One domain can be specified prioritized multi MXs.

How to query domain MX?
Domain MX settings changes will take some time to spread over Internet, short for several minutes or long for 48 hours. You can run DOS command "nslookup -qt=x <domainname>" to query existing domain's MX, e.g. "nslookup -qt=mx". Or you can detect MX online on oursite:

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