How to Customize Webmail Homepage and Logo?

Some customers want to customize Webmail homepage and logo to their own style. Yes, you can do it easily. For fastest customization, please open c:\AAMailPro\web\version\version.txt with Notepad. And then you can change following component values to what you want.

  • Webmail title: const IDS_Title = "AA Mail Server - Webmail"
  • Login Page Logo: const IDS_Logo = "images/logo.gif"
  • Login Page Banner: const IDS_Banner = "images/top.gif"
  • Text for "Powered by": const IDS_PoweredBy_Text = "AA Mail Server"
  • Link for "Powered by": const IDS_PoweredBy_URL = ""
Here is an example for replace original login page logo to another one. Assume your logo file is c:\AAMailPro\web\images\mylogo.jpg, then you just need to change value of IDS_Logo to "images/mylogo.jpg".

If you are familiar with ASP programming, you could customize original ASP pages to what you need. AA Mail Webmail Server has two login homepages: default.asp will shows domain list, while login.asp will hide domain list. You can use "Tool -> Re-Install Webmail" to switch between them.

If you have modified homepages (default.asp and index.htm), please remember to backup them. Otherwise, upgrade to new version may lost these modified pages. You'd better not modify other ASP pages, for other pages may be modified on later version, and so that you cannot use your modified one to overwrite new updated one.

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