What If Mail Virtual Directory was Mistakenly Deleted

2014/07/24 18:36

First, check whether the "Default Web Site" in IIS is running. Then, on the menu bar of AAMail main interface, click the "Tool -> Reinstall Webmail". Finally, try to visit Webmail again and see whether it is normal (For details, please refer to "How to Reinstall Webmail").

If there still does not have the child node of mail under IIS default site (or Default Web Site), then you can manually create one. Right click "Default Web Site" -> "New" -> "Virtual Directory...". In the pop up "Add Virtual Directory" dialog box, click the "Next" button, then enter the alias of "mail", and choose the path "C:\AAMail\web" (AAMail's "web" folder). Click the "OK" button to complete the creation (Figure 1-1). Then try to visit Webmail again.

Add Virtual Directory

Figure 1-1