How to Install SQL Server 2000 MSDE

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition (short for MSDE2000) is a free version that Microsoft provided. MSDE2000 has a limitation of physical database file cannot exceed 2G. So MSDE2000 is only suitable for small business.

AA Mail Server can auto download & install MSDE2000 for you when first run setup. If you want to install it yourself, you can refer to following instructions.

    Step 1. Download SQL Server 2000 MSDE from Microsoft.

    Step 2. Run MSDE2000 setup package, unzip into a temporary folder e.g. C:\MSDERelA.

    Step 3. Download install.bat, save it into C:\MSDERelA, then double-click install.bat to run.

    Step 4. After installation, click Windows "Start->Programs->Startup->SQL Server" , run SQL Server.

    Step 5. Now you can install & startup AA Mail Server.

In this case, your Data source is "(local)", Login user is "sa", Password is "sa". File "install.bat" includes necessary setup parameters for SQL Server 2000 MSDE, which content is such a command: setup.exe SECURITYMODE=SQL SAPWD="sa". This command will set authentication mode to "ACC+PWD" and default admin password to "sa".

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