How to do when mail sending failed?

Sometimes mail sending may fail for some problems. Two frequent failure reasons are 1) not accord with target server's anti-spam policy or 2) you server IP address has been listed in some anti-spam RBLs that some customer. If you meet mail sending failure, please follow below steps to locate problems.

Step 1. Check the failure notice
Failure notice is very import for it will tell us why this mail could not send succssfully. If you cannot understand its mearning, please forward it to us. We will explain it to you.

Step 2. Anti-spam RBLs lookup
Sometimes sending failure is because of anti-spam RBLs problem. So goto AA Mail Server "Tool -> Diagnose RBLs" menu command to check if your server IP address has been listed in some RBLs black list or not. Or you can Detect Multi-RBLs online.

Step 3. Diagnose mail sending
Goto AA Mail Server "Tool -> Diagnose sending" menu command, input target address and test sending it again. This function will log SMTP commands and responses for problem location. If it failed, please forward the diagnosis report to us.

Step 4. Try SMTP relay sending
You could add several ISP relay accounts to improve sending success rate. AA Mail Server will try it after direct sending failed. You can also goto "Tool -> Diagnose sending" menu command to testing realy sending or learn more about What is ISP relay sending and how to configure?.

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