Mail Server Access Database

2013/08/28 10:32

You can view the Access database configuration by clicking "Settings -> Database settings" on the menu bar.

Due to Access database has some problems, such as limited capacity, so we did a lot of special designs on AAMail, such as create its own mail database for each account in Access database.

Access database is not stable enough for long time heavy access pressure, normally, we recommend that you click the "Tool -> Compact database" on the menu bar, and compact the database once a week to ensure the stable operation of the Access database.

It is not recommended to use the auto compact tool, which will damage the database files. We do not recommend storing large amounts of database files with Access for a long time, because there may be some problems about sending and receiving mails.

Access database only supports creating 50 AAMail accounts. For details about how to choose the database, please refer to "What Kind of Database Works with AAMail Mail Server".

What should I do if it stopped running when I compact database with AAMail?

Method 1: Compact Access database multiple times.

Method 2: Find the related Access database, and then use Microsoft Access office software to directly open it after compacting.

Why it will pop up the "Compact Access Database" dialog box?

When AAMail is started, it will auto pop up the "Compact Access Database" dialog box to compact the database, thus ensuring AAMail's normal operation.