Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Components

2013/08/28 11:35

If you have not installed the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5, then when you install SQL Server 2008 on Windows 2008 OS, there will be problems. Only when you have installed the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 2008 OS, then the SQL Server 2008 can be installed normally.

The specific installation steps are as follows.

1) Click the "Start" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Server Manager".

2) In the pop up "Server Manager" dialog box, expand the "Features", and then click the "Add Features" (Figure 1-1).

Server Manager

Figure 1-1

3) In the pop up "Select Features" dialog box, select the ".NET Framework 3.5.1 Features" check box (Figure 1-2).

Select Features

Figure 1-2

4) In the dialog box, click the "Add Required Role Services" button (Figure 1-3).

Add Required Role Services

Figure 1-3

5) In the "Add Features Wizard" dialog box, keep click the "Next" button until it reaches (Figure 1-4), and then click the "Install" button.

Add Features Wizard

Figure 1-4

6) The installation progress (Figure 1-5).

Installation Progress

Figure 1-5

7) Installation results (Figure 1-6). Click the "Close" button.

Installation Results

Figure 1-6

Up to this point, the installation of Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 components is complete.