What Are Its Improvements over CMailServer?

AA Mail Server (short for AAMail) is the next generation of CMailServer, and will substitute for CMailServer in future. AA Mail Server provides much more value-added functions and has more advantages than CMailServer. We recommend strongly our CMailServer customers upgrade to AA Mail Server soon. There is a discount provided for those customers.

  1. AAMail is database based mail server, more flexible, secure and scalable than file based CMail.
  2. AAMail can keep 1,000,000+ mails in each mailbox while CMail can only 10,000.
  3. AAMail provides well designed UTF-8 Webmail server, which supports multi-language emails.
  4. AAMail Webmail is much better than CMail on both design and functionality.
  5. AAMail has more effective Anti-spam Protection (MX-lookup + Multi-RBLs lookup) than CMail.
  6. AAMail provides powerful Employee Email Monitoring function.
  7. AAMail provides MX diagnosis, mail sending diagnose and POP3/ISP relay detection.
  8. AAMail has more powerful mail group function than CMail.
  9. AAMail provides direct sending, ISP relay sending, SMTP remote sending.
  10. AAMail provides more control on Internet mail access control on domain and account.
  11. AAMail supports composing HTML email while CMail cannot.
  12. You will find more when you tryout AA Mail Server.

How to Upgrade from CMailServer to AA Mail Server?

AA Mail Server provides an easy-to-use function to import all accounts and mails from CMailserver. Before starting upgrading, you are suggested to clear mails in Spam/Trash mailboxes in CMailserver to avoid too long upgrading process.

  • Step 1. Stop CMailServer.
  • Step 2. Install and startup AA Mail Server.
  • Step 3. Click "Operation->Import from CMailServer 5.2+", select CMailServer folder.
  • Step 4. Click "Start" to start importing domains, accounts and mails from CMailServer.
  • Step 5. OK.
After successful upgrading, you can backup (recommended) or delete (not recommended) CMailServer folder. You can also check dbs/aamailsvr.log for upgrading details. When you have any problems on upgrading, please don't hesitate to contact us online. You are suggested to install TeamViewer remote control software on case when you need remote control support.

Tel: +86-731-85537391

Mon - Fri, 9.00-18.00 (GMT+8.00)

MSN: support@youngzsoft.net


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