How to Do When Cannot Upload/Download Attachments?

There are two dll files need to register: cmwebfile.dll for Webmail file upload/download and aamailsvr.dll for CMailServer password validation. Normally these two dll files will be registered automatically. While sometimes they maybe not registered succeeded, and then you cannot download/upload attachments via Webmail.

Step 1. Try to re-register components

If there are problems that you cannot download/upload any attachments, you can try to register them again firstly. Please goto AA Mail Server:

  1. Click "Settings->Reset Windows IIS" menu command.
  2. Click "Settings->Reinstall Webmail" menu command.
  3. Check if problem solved.

Step 2. Check account "everyone" rights

Some administrators cancel some Windows accounts, e.g. "everyone" for higher security. This may cause component registration fail. So please open Windows Explorer to check account "everyone" rights. Assume AA Mail Server is installed on C:\AAMailPro.

  1. Right-click "C:\" in Windows Explorer, select "Property" command.
  2. Goto "Security" tab and check if there is account "everyone" and click it to see if it has access right.
  3. If not have, add this account and check-on its access rights.
  4. Re-do Step 1 to re-register, and check if problem solved.

Step 3. Check "Classes" right in registry

If still not solved, run "Regedit" in DOS command window to open Windows registry editor. We have to the if your adiministor account has full control right on "Classes".

  1. Find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Classes".
  2. Right-click "Classes" and select "Permission" menu command.
  3. Check if "Administrators" group exists and with full control right.
  4. If not, add "Administrators" group and set full control access right.
  5. Re-do Step 1 to re-register, and check if problem solved.
  6. Also check if you have "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Scripting.FileSystemObject" right.

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