How to update to 4.xx from 3.99?

  1. What is the changes for new database structure in 4.xx?
  2. How to upgrade from 3.99 to 4.xx?
  3. Will this upgrade damage my data? -- No!
  4. How to goback to 3.99 when upgrade meet problems?
  5. How to have a second try to upgrade?

New Database Structure in 4.xx

To improve performance, AA Mail Server has re-structed its database structure. If you are users of 3.x, you need to upgrade to new database structure. AA Mail Server provides an auto upgrade function to help you finish this task. AA Mail Server will create new databases for 4.xx and so it will not damage any old data.

SQL Server
  1. Old database "aamailpro"(3.x) has been divided into two new databases: "sqluserinfo" and "sqlmailinfo" (since 4.00);
  2. Database "sqluserinfo" still hosts most of tables, while "sqlmailinfo" hosts decoded mail info (webreceive, webrecvattach, pop3uidl) for accounts.
  3. "webreceive, webrecvattach, pop3uidl" have been replace with new names "accNNNNNN, attNNNNNN, uidNNNNNN", each account will have its individual tables.

  1. Old "dbldap.mdb, dbsent.mdb, dbrecv.mdb, dblog.mdb, dbtpl.mdb" has been replaced with new "accessldap.mdb, accesssent.mdb, accessrecv.mdb, accesslogs.mdb, accessacct.mdb";
  2. Old "999999/dbNNNNNN.mdb" (each account has its individual database) has been replaced with new "999999/acsNNNNNN.mdb".
  3. "webfolder, webaddress, webmailfilter, webautofoward, webautosign, webautureply" have been moved from old "dbldap.mdb" to new "accessldap.mdb";
  4. "pop3uidl" has been moved from "dblog.mdb" to "999999/dbNNNNNN.mdb" with new name "uidNNNNNN"; "webreceive" and "webrecvattach" have changed its name as "accNNNNNN" and attNNNNNN".

How to Upgrade from 3.99 to 4.xx?

AA Mail Server 4.xx has provided a auto upgrade function.

Step 1. Uninstall old version 3.99 (Uninstall will not delete any data).

Step 2. Download 4.xx, install it to original folder and run it, Setup Wizard will appear.

Step 3. If it's Access database, just go on to continue until startup; If SQL Server, configure SQL Server parameters for new database structure.

Step 4. Now Upgrade to new database structure dialog will appear. Just click "Start" button to start to import all accounts and mails from old databases.

Step 5. After successfull upgrade, you can delete or backup old databases.

If it's Access databases, you can delete dbs\DB*.mdb and dbs\999999\DB*.mdb. Or move them to another place for backup. If it's SQL Server database, you should detatch "aamailpro" database in SQL Server Enterprise Manager or Management Studio firstly. Then you can delete dbs\aamailpro.mdf and dbs\aamailpro.ldf or move them to other place for backup.

How to goback to 3.99 when meet problems?

Upgrade from 3.99 to 4.xx will not damage any old data for 4.xx will create new databases. If upgrade failed, don't be worry about, you can go back to 3.99 at any time. Just uninstall 4.00 and re-install 3.99 to this folder.

How to have a second try to upgrade to 4.xx?

It's very easy.
  1. If it's Access datbase, delete dbs\acs*.mdb and dbs\999999\acs*.mdb;
  2. If it's SQL Server, detatch "sqlmailinfo" and "sqluserinfo" databases in Enterprise Manager/Management Studio, then delete dbs\sqlmailinfo.* and dbs\sqluserinfo.*;
  3. Open aamailsvr.ini in Notepad, change UpgradeTo0400=0;
  4. Retry: uninstall 3.99, re-install 4.xx on original folder.

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