Create LAN Mail Server

2014/07/09 11:51

You can create mail server on LAN on your own, and use it for internal communications and file exchanges.

Condition 1: on LAN environment.

Condition 2: Install AAMail on LAN server.

It is very easy to create dedicated mail server on LAN. After installed AAMail, you already have a LAN mail server, and it can provide mail communication services to the employees in LAN without any other settings.

The steps to create LAN mail server are as follow.

1) Normally, you only need to keep clicking the "Next" button till finish, and then you can run AAMail on your server. After installed AAMail, if your firewall does not allow AAMail connect to the Internet; please enable AAMail in your firewall then (For details, please refer to "Install AAMail Server").

2) Go to AAMail main interface, on the menu bar, click "Settings -> Domain settings" to create mail domain. And you can name the domain for LAN mail server as you wish (such as, Please click the "Domain type" combo box, and select "Standard mail server mode". Then, you can select or uncheck the "Allow receive incoming mails from Internet" and "Allow send outgoing mails to Internet" check boxes according to your needs (For details, please refer to "Create and Manage Domain Name").

3) Create account. The "Mail settings" in domain settings priors to the "Permission" in account. Thus, if you have selected the "Allow receive incoming mails from Internet" and "Allow send outgoing mails to Internet" check boxes when you create domain name, then, you can individually set whether to allow "Receive from Internet" and "Send to Internet" for each account (For details, please refer to "Create Mail Account").

4) Some users may need a further control, for example, they want only some of the employees can send mails to the specified external mail addresses. (The premise is that the "Allow send outgoing mails to Internet" check box is unchecked in the "Mail settings" of domain settings.) Then, we can double click the account which you'd like to allow it send outgoing mails to Internet, in the pop up "Account" dialog box, select the "Permission" tab, click the "Send to Internet" combo box, select "Forbid", and then click the "Exception" button to add white list.

5) Up to this point, according to your settings, every account will have its different permission on sending and receiving external mails. AAMail supports multiple domains, and you can set different modes for different domains.

6) If you want to use mail client, such as Outlook, to send and receive mails, please refer to "Mail Client".

7) If you want to use Webmail to send and receive mails, please refer to "Webmail".

The LAN mail server can be used as an efficient communication tool, such as group discussion, notification, large file transfer etc, which greatly improved employees' work efficiency. AAMail has domain and account level's permission of sending and receiving Internet mails, which provides different mail communication services for different users.