Create Standard Mail Server

2014/07/09 11:51

There are three mail server modes on AAMail, including Standard Mail Server, Map Mail Server and Share Mail Server.

The above three mail server modes are distinguished by "Domain type". One AAMail mail server can create multiple domain names, and it supports different domains running with different server modes.

It is very easy to create standard mail server, and the methods are as follows.

Method 1

When create domain name, click the "Domain type" combo box, and select the "Standard mail server mode" (Figure 1-1).

Standard Mail Server Mode

Figure 1-1

Method 2

1) In the account list, double click the "mail domain" (such as "" mail domain) (Figure 1-2).

Account List

Figure 1-2

2) It will pop up the "Domain settings" dialog box, in the "Domain type" combo box, select the "Standard mail server mode", then click the "OK" button (Figure 1-3).

Domain Type

Figure 1-3

The application types of standard mail server are "Create LAN Mail Server", "Create Internet Mail Server" and "Create ADSL Mail Server".