Settings Menu

2013/08/28 12:21

On the menu bar, click the "Settings" button, then you can see the functions of Domain settings, Server settings, Database settings, Anti-spam settings, ISP server settings, Admin password and Welcome mail (Figure 1-1).

Settings Menu

Figure 1-1

Domain settings: Supports create, modify and delete domains. For details, please refer to "Create and Manage Domain Name".

Server settings: Pop up "Server settings" dialog box, you can set the General, Account, Mail, Network, Webmail, Logs and Advanced parameters here.

Database settings: Supports viewing database's connection information.

Anti-spam settings: Supports enabling or disabling RBL, IP address black/white list, domain/email black/white list and so on. For details, please refer to "Anti-spam Function".

ISP server settings: Add, Modify and Delete the ISP accounts, set Priority and so on. For details, please refer to "ISP Relaying Function".

Admin password: You can modify the admin password here. And the admin password is specially used for restoring the main interface after locking.

Welcome mail: Compose a welcome mail for every newly added account. And you can edit the mail content here.