Database Table Problem

2014/07/19 14:35

1. Error Message


Received an error message like:

"*select* from X000005Mail where (account='') and (mailtype=0 or mailtype=1 or mailtype=4 or mailtype=5) and (folder=0) and (1=1) order by maildate desc". After verifying SQL communications, when creating the user from AAMail interface, it does not send any command to create tables as X00000?Mail.


1) Please use the latest version of AAMail, and all users' mail data will be stored into "WebReceive" and "WebRecvAttach", if installed a fresh one as default.

2) For old users, there is a merge function to merge all user tables into one: "Operation => Upgrade => Store all mails into one table". --- XNNNNNNMail as well as required subfolder and other information has been created by the AAMail background service.

3) "web\include\class_database.asp" reads database connection value from "[Database]" section of "data\mailserver.ini" automatically.

2. Delete Command


How can I delete a million of messages which are in the mail sent table without time out?


You can use "truncate table mailsent" and "truncate table websent" commands to realize deleting these messages quickly without time out.